What sort of cake can I have?

At Sweet Designs by Claire we have an extensive range of cake flavors to choose from. We can also cater for gluten free, please ask about our options.

All of our cakes are Home Made so they not only look amazing but taste great too.

Please be aware that some cakes may not be suitable for some designs, as the cakes are home made and not “pre mix” they can be too “soft” for some bigger designs.

What flavours are there?

Basic Flavors: covered in all our quotes

  • Dark chocolate mud cake
  • White mud cake
  • Caramel mud cake
  • Chocolate Jaffa
  • Chocolate Peppermint

Premiumn Range: will incur an extra cost

  • Red Velvet
  • White Mud with Fresh Raspberries
  • Marble (White & Dark)
  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Hummingbird ( Banana & Pineapple)
  • Carrot cake
  • Caramel & White Swirl
  • Orange poppy seed cake
  • Moist fruit cake with the highest quality dried fruit and most importantly Bundaberg rum.

If your favorite flavor isn’t here please ask us if we can make it.

Do you do Samples?

Yes and they are free. Please contact us to arrange some.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Appointments are preferred if your after a quote, or need help with design options.

We like to sit down with you and find out exactly what your after to quote you appropriately,

that way you don’t have to worry about any hidden extras later!
The instore photo albums are always available for viewing.

Do I need a deposit to book?

Yes a minimum $50 deposit is reqired within 2 weeks of booking.
*$50 is non refundable on the event you cancel your cake if you have paid more than $50 the remainder will be refunded..

What payment options are available?

We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS and direct deposit.
*If paying by cheque we need payment by no later than 2 weeks before delivery/pickup.

Do you offer Delivery with your cakes?

We can deliver your cake, but delivery is extra depending on location.
Please contact us for a price.

How do I budget for my wedding cake?

The best way to look at the final price is per head, you will need to budget for at least $5 – $10 per head, depending on the design.
Please remember, tiers (number of layers), different shape’s, different flavors, chocolate embellishment and icing flowers will add to your cost.

I like the look of the smooth wedding cake icing, but I want mud cake, does it have to have the almond icing?

No. That is only on fruit cakes.

Do I need to supply my own ribbon?

Ribbon is included in all quotes, we have several different types and color cards to mach just the right shade.

Alternatively extra material from your bridesmaids dress, turned into ribbon is a great way to make sure those unique dress colors match perfectly.

How long will it take to make my cake?

It depends on the difficulty of the design. All cakes except fruit cake have to be baked and then decorated a few days before the wedding.

When do I need to book?

Wedding Cakes: You can book from anytime no time is too early, the latest we prefer is 1 month prior…

If you have a late booking please still inquire, I have done them as late as 1 weeks notice.

If your thinking about delivery booking early is always best. Stand hire for cup cakes or boxes is best done early also as stands are limited…
Consequently it is important to book early especially if you are getting married between January-April or September-November as these are our busiest periods..

Basic Cakes: For a weekend we recomend booking by the Wednesday if your looking for a round or square cake with basic decoration

Custom Cakes: Anything that is custom designed please allow at least a week or two, we can book out so first in best cake! 😉

There is no such thing as booking too early in cake decorating, if you think you have left it too late please still inquire we may still be able to help you out… it never hurts to ask!

My cake has multiple tiers. Can I have more than one type of cake?

Yes! Each “tier” can be whatever type of cake you like.
some flavors may incur an additional cost than originally quoted

I have a few cakes I like, how do i pick just one?

If your having trouble picking one design come in a discuss your ideas with Claire and let her help you incorporate the features you like most from each cake into your individual dream cake.

Can I co-ordinate the flowers on my wedding cake with my bouquet?

Yes we love to work with fresh flowers, and are more than happy to co-ordinate with your florist.

Does cost any extra to have Claire arrange the flowers on the cake or is this something my florist will do?

You will have to check with your florist as not all florist are able to do this. It doesn’t cost any extra for us to place the flowers on the cake.

How long will my cake keep for after the wedding?

It should be kept refrigerated after the wedding, and will last up to 4 – 5 days if stored properly.

Can I freeze my left over Wedding Cake?

Yes you can, we recommend cutting it into smaller pieces for easy defrosting, that way when you feel like some cake you can defrost a piece or two rather than a half a cake.

Is there any time when you can’t make cakes?

Yes, the shop is closed between Christmas and the New Year
and we dont take orders during this time - sorry for any inconvenience.