At Sweet Designs by Claire we have an extensive range of cake flavours to choose from, our cakes are home from scratch using the best quality ingredients and old family recipes.


Basic Cakes come with icing all over the cake with piping and decoration.

Decoration options include strawberries, lollies, chocolate curls or flowers paper or icing (not fresh flowers, unless supplied)


*Please be aware that some cakes may not be suitable for some designs, as the cakes are home made and not “pre mix” they can be too “soft”  for some bigger designs.


Basic Flavour’s: covered in all our quotes

Chocolate Mud Cake

A not too rich cake with a great flavour with a lighter texture than some mud cakes

White mud cake

A light texture cake with a beautiful flavour

Caramel mud cake

Don’t let the name fool you this cake can surprise with its sweet caramel flavour.

Chocolate Jaffa

Chocolate mud cake with an orange twist.

Chocolate Peppermint

Chocolate mud cake with a hint of peppermint



Premium Range:

This range is a little extra special and will incur an extra cost please see pricing below..

Red Velvet

Homemade with a cream cheese filling

White Mud with Fresh Raspberries

The raspberries really made this cake come to life

Marble (White & Dark)

Best of both worlds chocolate and white chocolate mixed together

Chocolate Raspberry

What goes better with Chocolate than raspberries?

Hummingbird ( Banana & Pineapple)

A beautiful tropical mix of Banana and Pineapple this cake is always moist and delicious

Carrot cake

Not too heavy with walnuts to add texture. (no sultanas)

Caramel & White Swirl

If straight caramel is too much try adding a swirl of white

Lime and coconut

A fresh flavour made with lime zest and shredded coconut

Lemon Yogurt

This cake has a slightly denser texture with a beautiful tangy flavour.

Banana Cake

A classic made with made fresh bananas

Coffee Cake

A coffee lovers delight with an intense flavour


Chocolate Gluten Free

A very rich cake with a moist gooey texture


Below is the extra price as per the size of the cake for premium flavours

4” & 5” - $5      6” & 7” - $10      8” & 9” - $15     10” & 11” - $20



All sponges come with 2 layers of Fresh Cream, icing, piping and decorations

All our sponges are homemade and are very soft in texture, as a result they are limiting with the type of decorations available.

Vanilla sponge

Chocolate Sponge

Gingerfluff Sponge


Black Forrest

A dark rich chocolate cake, brushed with Kirsh liquor, with 2 layers of sour cherries and fresh cream.

Black forrest cakes normally come with chocolate sprinkles on the side with chocolate icing, piping and decorations. 


Moist Fruitcake

Made with the highest quality dried fruit, nuts and cherries and most importantly Bundaberg rum and Sherry!

The cake comes iced with Marzipan icing and rolled fondant and decorated with and flower spray, ribbon and writing.